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What is the handicap odds of 1 ball? How to read handicap odds of 1 ball

Many people often think that handicap odds are a type of bet that is both difficult to play and difficult to predict. However, when encountering the handicap type with handicap odds of 1 ball, they feel that this is a relatively easy bet to predict. So what are handicap odds of 1 ball? What do we need to pay attention to if we want to bet on this handicap odds? Wintips will help you understand safe betting tips this type of handicap betting through the following article content.

What are handicap odds of 1 ball?

Handicap odds of 1 ball can be simply understood as a type of bet predicting the outcome of a match. In which, the upper-hand team will handicap the lower-hand team by 1 ball. Based on the actual score of the match and the number of handicap goals added. If the player predicts correctly, the money will automatically transfer to their account. Conversely, if guessed incorrectly, consider losing all betting money.

If understood according to the way of a professional football betting player. You can understand this as a type of handicap betting in football. However, the handicap odds of 1 ball that this odds specifies will be only 1 goal.

Is handicap odds of 1 ball easy to play?

Handicap odds from the past have been evaluated as a very difficult type of betting. Because the handicap rules of this odds will have certain changes. But with a handicap odds of 1 ball, the way to read the odds will be extremely simple.

Even someone who has no experience, or has never bet on this type of odds, can still play freely.

In terms of betting, placing bets is really simple. If you choose reputable football betting sites. Then, you will easily encounter types of odds with handicap odds of 1 ball appearing on the bookmaker's betting board.

How to read handicap odds of 1 ball in football

In terms of rules for reading handicap odds of 1 ball in football. You only need to apply the basic rules of reading Handicap (HDP) odds to grasp how to read handicap odds of 1 ball.

The number of handicaps for this odds is 1 ball

The team that is considered stronger will be the upper-hand team

The team that is considered weaker will be classified as the lower-hand team

The lower-hand team will receive an additional 1 handicap from the upper-hand team.

Based on the results of the scores of the 2 teams to determine the outcome of this odds.

Depending on the general evaluations from reputable football betting sites. At that time, they may release this type of odds in the first half or the whole match.

At the same time, the odds of handicap odds of 1 ball will also be flexibly changed. In some special cases, betting on this odds may be temporarily suspended.

For example, in the first half, if the bookmaker offers handicap odds of 1 ball. But the situation in the match changes, then the odds of this bet will be temporarily locked, or the bookmaker will release a different handicap odds for players to bet on.

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Guide on How to Bet on Handicap -1

Step 1: Connect to a reputable betting website through the mobile app or directly access the latest link provided in this article.

Step 2: Click on the registration button to create a new betting account on the betting site.

Step 3: Select the deposit section and fund your account with the planned amount of money.

Step 4: Access a sports betting and football betting room provided by the bookmaker.

Step 5: Select the summary section, observe the football betting odds offered by the bookmaker for today's matches. Here, identify matches with a handicap -1.

Step 6: Analyze the match before placing a bet.

Once you've completed these steps, all you need to do is place your bet on this odds. To find out if your bet wins or loses, simply wait until the end of the match.

Experience playing Handicap -1 from Suncity

Once you understand what Handicap -1 means, players need to equip themselves with some tips and reasonable strategies for betting. Here are some factors players need to consider when participating in betting:

Aggregate match announcements

The first thing that bettors cannot overlook is spending time collecting and analyzing match announcements to have a basis for betting. The more common information you have, the more opportunities you have to win in Handicap -1. Specifically, players will identify factors such as:

Ranking position: Determine the position of the two teams on reputable international rankings and the current tournament.

Head-to-head history: Determine whether the two teams have previously met and how many goals each team has scored in each battle.

Form: Determine how the two teams have been performing recently, whether they have been on a winning or losing streak.

Points needed: Currently, are the two teams playing with the intention of drawing or winning.

Match density: In recent times, have the players of both teams participated extensively in competitions, and what is the current state of the players.

Starting lineup: Determine the situation of injuries, yellow cards, and the key lineup of both teams.

Other information: Evaluate media coverage, weather conditions, home team or away team. Specifically, for matches in West Asia, it is necessary to learn betting tips 1x2 app more about the political situation between the two countries.


By now, the concept of Handicap -1 betting should be clear. If you encounter Handicap -1 odds, feel free to place your bet. But don't forget to choose reputable bookmakers for this betting option.


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