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What His And Hers Promise Rings should you purchase for your wedding proposal?

You've decided to give an engagement ring to the one who has shared the most memorable times of your life. The bond you share with your partner deserves to be acknowledged with an original piece of jewelry, which integrates unique characteristics.

The trick is to choose the best option. There are a variety of options available on the market, but not all of them offer authentic experiences.

Gold and silver are among the most used precious materials to create engagement rings. Diamonds add a distinctive touch to the ring you select to present to your loved one.

In reality, nothing can compare to the dazzling shine of an engagement ring made of diamond. Couple Jewelry Sets is a symbol of meaning that will last forever. It is a sign of power, purity and unconditional love. It is the perfect choice for the person you would like to spend the rest of your entire life with.

Engagement rings: a unique declaration of love

Choose engagement rings with unique designs if want to be different. These are 3 great options that will surely entice all eyes:

A heart-shaped solitaire diamond band It's a basic choice, but impresses with its delicate finishes. The unique shape of the diamond can assist in giving the wedding proposal a warm and familiar feeling.

Ring with diamonds and rubies: The ruby is one of the most elegant precious gemstones, and will bring a touch of elegance and a touch of refinement. It is considered by many to be a symbol of love, overflowing energy and eternal love. It is stunning when paired with diamonds, and makes any outfit a unique look.

- Ring with sapphire and diamonds: A ring that will definitely remind you of the intense love story of Jack and Rose the main characters in the film Titanic. Your experience will be different: you'll be happy, with many smiles and positive thoughts.

What should you know before buying a diamond ring?

You can simplify your search process by taking into account the following:

Examine the options available on the market: Before making a choice, it's advised to be informed in advance. Set a budget, and concentrate only on alternatives that impress with the high quality and standards they provide. A diamond ring will increase in value over time.

- Ensure you purchase the right size if you are planning to surprise your girlfriend, you should pay attention to the small details. Go shopping with her to check out the size that she likes. You can also use the size of a ring that she already has. Fortunately that at Scermino Gioielli you can change the size of the ring if it does not suit her size.

Trust your feelings If you're choosing an engagement ring, choose a ring that you feel strongly about. Don't buy the most beautiful engagement ring, but the one that best represents the bond that binds you. Ask the Scermino Gioielli staff to help you if needed. All questions can be addressed by industry specialists. Expertise of a specialist will assist you to identify the perfect jewelry right from the beginning.

How to customize the diamond ring?

A diamond ring is a source of many stories. You should pick the ring that's best for your lady. Scermino Gioielli, for example lets you customize jewelry according to shape, color, and quality.

Diamonds with high worth are characterized by their remarkable clarity and they are crafted with care shapes that reflect the light in a completely. In addition to the technical specifications, pay close attention to the design. You have a number of options:

- Minimalist: If your girlfriend is a practical person who appreciates simplicity and good taste, then you should consider options that only feature a central diamond. Classic designs will never go out of style. You can also add originality to your engravings by integrating text or data that represent you. The result will certainly be up to the mark.

- Bohemian If your prospective wife is always dreaming about her future and enjoys romantic gestures, you could pick a ring with diamonds and precious stones. Amethyst, sapphire and emerald are the most well-known options because of their blend of emotions.

Extravagant - If she loves to be the center and draw all eyes to her, pick the ring that is distinctive. Pick geometric shapes that are abstract or unusual designs.


It is not easy to select the perfect engagement ring. It is an extremely important step.

Diamond jewelry is the perfect accessory to wear with any outfit. But customization is the key word that can help you have unforgettable experiences.

Find reputable jewelry makers and present your lady with an original wedding proposal!


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